Essential Oil & Natural Skin Care products

Canadian natural, Essential Oil infused, products to enhance skin health, appearance, and vitality.

Created by blue collar – for blue collar!

Hello, my name is Colin.

As a truck driver working in the oil & gas industry I needed something that works! A product that helps my discomfort without leaving a “plastic bag” feel; taking away the sharp itch of Athletes Foot without messing around; helping soothe my sore muscles from long day’s work easily. In short: I need to focus on earning a wage and not chasing some fluffy pink flamingo promise of “maybe-relief”. I have work to do and no time to play “spa-boy”.

So I developed CANhaveTODAY! Originally for myself, now enjoyed by a growing number of Truck Drivers, Blacksmith’s, Mechanics & blue collar workers who all feel real relief from a wide range of Skin Irritations. Work is annoying enough on its own, we don’t get paid more to tolerate added annoyances of skin issues or sore muscles so check out our blog to learn more about what CANhaveTODAY has to offer.

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CANhaveTODAY CEO in The Homesteader

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