A Legendary Ingredient: 9 Things to Know About Myrrh Essential Oil

A bottle of myrrh essential oil with myrrh resin, orange in the foreground and bottles and fir in the backgground

You might have heard of myrrh as a gum resin gifted by the Wise Men, but did you know that its oil has numerous capabilities that can benefit our health? Known to the ancient world, myrrh was used for its spiritual and medicinal properties. Myrrh essential oil offers a lot of properties we can take advantage of! Let’s talk about the many qualities of this aromatic oil from the Commiphora myrrha tree.

9 Facts About Myrrh Essential Oil

1. A mighty antibacterial

Man using antibacterial hand sanitizer

Let’s start with myrrh’s antibacterial abilities. Are you worried about bacteria infecting your skin? Myrrh essential oil can help take care of them for you. Research shows that this aromatic oil contains various compounds that can combat bacteria.

2. Helps calm inflammation

Inflamed psoriatic plaques on the skin of the woman's forearms

Myrrh can also play a role in aiding the skin against inflammation. Inflammation calms with the help of myrrh, with additional potential pain relief. The next time you get swelling, redness, or itch, try myrrh essential oil to help soothe your skin!

3. A potent antifungal

Man scratching itchy foot with athlete's foot wearing gray socks

One of the many things myrrh essential oil can help you with is protecting your skin from fungal invasion. This scientific research shows that myrrh oil inhibits the growth of fungi, specifically those that infect the skin and cause infections like athlete’s foot!

4. A robust antioxidant

Man looking at his facial wrinkles at the mirror

Myrrh’s antioxidant components make it a strong fighter against oxidative stress, which causes cell damage, ultimately leading to skin aging. With myrrh essential oil as a part of your skin’s defense, you can prevent skin from developing wrinkles and dark spots!

5. Helps protect from parasites

A bottle of myrrh essential oil and myrrh resin

Myrrh can be a great protection from parasitic infections. With suggestive research findings pointing to its potential in managing parasitic infection, you can seek help from myrrh if you are in a place known for parasitic infections.

6. Has the potential to stop muscle spasms

Man with muscle spasm on his back, both hands on his lower back

While not as famous for it, myrrh may have your back on those spasms. Preliminary evidence in this study about mice intestinal spasms introduces myrrh’s possible role in reducing spasms.

7. Has insect repellant and insecticidal properties

Man applying insect repellent on to hand

Another feature of myrrh is its insect-repellant and insecticidal properties, as limited research suggests. Although this is one of the lesser-known properties of myrrh, it has potential use in repelling certain types of insects. Apply myrrh essential oil if you’re planning on a hike to help prevent bug bites.

8. Offers moisturizing benefits

Man applying moisturizer to his hand

The moisturizing capabilities of myrrh may not be as known as others, but research suggests its capability to aid skin health and maintain moisture. Talk about an all-around oil!

9. Helps heal wounds like a legend

Sterile plaster pad on a man's wound on his arm

What could be better at healing skin than something that can keep bacteria, fungi, and inflammation at bay? Myrrh is a strong fighter in this area. Researchers found that myrrh essential oil has healing properties that may be attributed to its antimicrobial properties. Myrrh is a skin-saving legend, isn’t it?

Healing Legends offers Myrrh Essential Oil

Healing Legends New Product Photo

All these amazing characteristics of myrrh make it a key ingredient in CANhaveTODAY’s Healing Legends salve. Full with all the benefits of myrrh oil, this salve can offer your skin protection, hydration, nourishment, and healing! From minor skin irritations to skin damage, Healing Legends has your back! A quick note: This product contains Sodium borate. The government of Canada does not recommend the use of products containing Sodium borate on open wounds, cuts, or abrasions.

Take Healing Legends on your wellness journey and reap the benefits of myrrh essential oil along with frankincense and bergamot essential oils. Keep your skin clean, pain-free, and redness-free with CANhaveTODAY!


What is myrrh essential oil?

Myrrh essential oil is derived from the resin of the Commiphora myrrha tree. This oil has an earthy scent and has properties that may help with health concerns.

Is myrrh essential oil good for the health?

Myrrh oil has various properties that can protect your skin against bacteria, fungi, inflammation, and environmental damage. These are proven by scientific studies.

Is myrrh essential oil safe?

Myrrh is generally safe for most people when used properly. However, those who are pregnant and breastfeeding should avoid it.

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