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CANhaveTODAY CEO in The Homesteader

CANhaveTODAY is founded by a Canadian Truck driver, Colin. With my own skin issues, I created product infused with essential oils to help soothe and give relief to symptoms. I use these products every day and offer it to you because I know from my own use, along with others who also use it, that CANhaveTODAY offers you high quality relief sold at a reasonable price.

This website is also being transformed into a resource for hard working people who do not always have a lot of time to research out remedies for their skin irritants. We all just want something that works! This website will be equipped with short quizzes which narrow down your irritant symptoms and give educated recommendation of product to help your skin! Everything on CANhaveTODAY is backed by extensive medical research to offer you the highest quality products that work!

Man scratching eczema

As a truck driver working in the oil & gas industry, I know how working people often suffer from skin irritations. With skin products marketed as feminine, wrapped with pink flamingos and floating diapers strumming harps it deters working people from admitting use of such products as their jobs are dirty & sweaty. Our product can be ordered through our secure website or purchased at retail stores that suit your working schedule. The packaging is not pink but contains a product that packs a punch of relief that works!

CANhaveTODAY fundamentally strives to enhance lives and offer the gift of freedom in the form of relief. You are an individual and we are not in the business of telling you what is best for you. Therefore, we have dedicated many hundreds of hours into taking the complex language of medical studies & transforming into a referenc in everyday easy to understand language. We want to honor the working mother & hard working father who wish to do research for their child or themselves. So, we offer a blog packed with good information on a wide range of skin problems along with short quizzes to help narrow down a working product for you & your loved ones.

Row of CANhaveTODAY Salves

We understand the quality people have. CANhaveTODAY partnered with a Canadian Lab to create & Produce 100% Canadian natural Product. You have value. We want to provide quality which highlight & honor you!


Our Mission is to enhance your skin vigor with natures true, natural pure ingredients. CANhaveTODAY has a growing number of team members who love people & believe in your value

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