Benefits of Beeswax in Natural Skincare

Natural skin care: beeswax and yellow flowers on a surface

The benefits of beeswax to the skin are plenty. Apitherapy is the use of bee products in medicine (1), has been a common practice since ancient times (2). It has become a popular topic in modern research due to numerous positive benefits when applied topically to the skin.

Some common bee products include honey, propolis, bee pollen, royal jelly, and beeswax (2). On its own, beeswax in natural skin care has many outstanding benefits. But, when combined with other natural ingredients, the synergistic effects soothe and revitalize skin (3).

Beeswax in Natural Skincare

Four flying bees

Beeswax has been studied for its wide range of applications in textiles, candles, cosmetics, and so much more. It is produced by bees to form honeycomb structures which store honey in the hive (3, 1).

Beeswax is commonly used in skin care and cosmetics (2) because it protects the skin barrier and promotes hydration. It also has strong antimicrobial properties to protect the skin from bacteria and fungi that cause infection. Beeswax reduces inflammation and aids in healing the skin. This makes it an excellent ingredient for our skin salves at CANhaveTODAY: Waters Mist, Soothing Juggernaut, and Healing Legends.

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Skin Barrier

Woman applying a cream at the back of her right hand

Beeswax benefits the skin by repairing and protecting the skin barrier and function (4, 5, 6). As such, it is an excellent ingredient for use in cosmetics and skincare. It is becoming a preferred product to promote a healthy skin barrier compared to synthetic ingredients.

Because it enhances the skin barrier, it maintains hydration, prevents infection, reduces inflammation, and stimulates healing of the damaged skin.


Man wearing a blue tee applying hand cream

Another benefit of beeswax is that it is hydrophobic, meaning it does not absorb water (3). Because of this characteristic, it forms a protective barrier on the skin to reduce water loss and promote hydration. When paired with other ingredients in skincare products, it prevents these ingredients from evaporating, and enhances absorption into the skin.

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Beeswax pellets in a bowl and on a spoon

Beeswax creates a strong, healthy skin barrier, preventing harmful bacteria and fungi from entering the skin and causing infection (7, 8). Beeswax benefits the skin with its antibacterial properties are amplified when paired with other natural ingredients, such as honey or essential oils (3). Combining these ingredients creates a strong synergistic relationship to fight and prevent infection in the skin (3).


Inflamed skin on face with redness and bumps

As much as beeswax fights bacteria and fungi, it also reduces inflammation in the skin, and therefore, reduces pain (5). Because of these properties, beeswax used to treat rosacea, and is preferred over non-natural remedies (4).

It is also used to treat newborn babies and infants suffering with dermatitis (B). It reduces inflammation and pain and promotes quick healing in the skin.

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Healing of Damaged Skin

Cleaning wound on a hand using cotton with iodine

By strengthening the skin barrier, beeswax also aids in rapid healing of wounds and damaged skin. It is an effective ingredient for treating rashes and skin irritations like rosacea and dermatitis. Beeswax also benefits the skin by healing bruises and mild-severe burns (3).

AntibacterialMild to Strong [1]
– Acne
– Cellulitis
– Itch
– Skin Infections
– Acne
– Swelling
– Pain
AntifungalMild to Strong [1]
– Athlete’s Foot
– Itch
AntimicrobialMild to Strong [1]
AntioxidantStrong [2]
– Vitamin E
– Vitamin A
– Omega-6

Strong [3]
– EmollientStrong [3]
– HumectantStrong [3]
– OcclusiveStrong [3]
Reduces hyperpigmentation
Reduces redness
Soothes dry skinStrong [3]
Soothes itch
Heals woundsStrong [4]
Table 1. Properties of beeswax that are beneficial for the skin.

Natural Skincare with Beeswax


Because of the numerous benefits of using beeswax, CANhaveTODAY incorporates beeswax in our natural skincare products. It’s no wonder our products are so effective! Just try them and see for yourself!


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Why is beeswax good for skin?

Beeswax has some amazing properties that are good for the skin. It is great in boosting the skin barrier, moisturizing, soothing, and it doesn’t clog pores!

How to use beeswax for skin?

May skin care products like thick creams and lotions, balms, and ointments contain beeswax. CANhaveTODAY also uses beeswax in the salves Waters Mist, Healing Legends, and Soothing Juggernaut.

Can anyone use beeswax for skin?

Most skin types, including sensitive skin, can have a good reaction to beeswax. But like with any new skincare ingredient, it is best to perform a patch test first to ensure you do not have any negative reaction to beeswax.

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