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Welcome to CANhaveTODAY’s Curiosity Corner! I extend a warm invitation to join me in this enlightening corner of CANhaveTODAY’s website. Let me shed light on the mission and the things that define this unique space.

The Mind Behind the Screen

Who is the person behind this keyboard? That’s me — Yusela! Currently navigating the journey of medical school, my days are filled with textbooks and a relentless curiosity to understand the fascinating world of medicine and beyond.

Let’s Make It Interactive

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Curiosity thrives in interaction. That is why I invite you all to drop your questions and share your stories in the comments— they are not just welcome, but also the heartbeat of this place. Let’s turn Curiosity Corner into a space where questions come to life and the complexities of science will be untangled!

Welcome to the Journey

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Your journey into curiosity-driven enlightenment begins here. Let’s aspire to make this a space where we turn questions into knowledge. The floor is open for your insights and queries!

Discover the Essence of Nature with CANhaveTODAY’s Skincare Solutions

At CANhaveTODAY, we believe that skincare is more than just a routine – it’s a journey towards embracing nature. As a company deeply rooted in the ethos of harnessing nature’s wisdom, CANhaveTODAY takes pride in introducing a range of transformative skincare products designed to unlock your skin’s radiance.

Introducing Waters Mist

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Step into a world of purity with Waters Mist, a salve crafted with a blend of tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, and cinnamon oil. Formulated to help address a spectrum of skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, and acne, Waters Mist stands as a testament to the remarkable antibacterial properties found in nature’s bounty.

Experience the Power of Soothing Juggernaut

Soothing Juggernaut New Product Photo

For those seeking relief from fungal infections, muscle, and joint pains, Soothing Juggernaut emerges as a beacon of comfort. Enriched with the essential oils of frankincense, cypress, and arnica, this salve offers targeted relieving and soothing properties, providing respite from discomfort and promoting our well-being.

Unveiling Healing Legends

Healing Legends New Product Photo

In the realm of skincare legends, Healing Legends reigns supreme. Infused with the timeless ingredients of frankincense, myrrh, and bergamot, this salve is the epitome of skin rejuvenation. From healing damaged skin to preventing scarring and dark spots, Healing Legends embodies the hope of radiant, youthful skin.

Embrace the Refreshing Aura of Sparkling Rain

Sparkling Rain New Product Photo

Elevate your skincare ritual with Sparkling Rain, a unique moisturizer infused with Chaga mushroom and grapefruit oil. Designed to quench dry, parched skin and combat the signs of aging, Sparkling Rain embodies the essence of hydration and vitality, leaving your skin healthy and revitalized.

At CANhaveTODAY, the commitment to crafting skincare solutions rooted in nature’s wisdom is unwavering. With each product meticulously formulated to harness the potency of natural ingredients, we invite you to embark on a journey towards healthier, more radiant skin. Embrace the transformative power of nature with CANhaveTODAY – where nature meets skin care innovation.

How I became a part of CANhaveTODAY

In the whirlwind of job hunting, sometimes the unexpected opportunities emerge from the most unlikely places. For me, that unexpected opportunity came in the form of a job posting. Little did I know, this encounter would lead me to the creation of Curiosity Corner and a fulfilling journey in content creation.

Let me take you back to that moment of frustration and desperation – I was rage applying for work, scouring through countless job postings when Colin’s listing caught my eye. With a background in social media management and a knack for using platforms like Pinterest, I figured I had nothing to lose by applying. Colin saw potential beyond what I initially offered. Instead of social media management, he suggested I contribute to his site’s blog.

Initially hesitant due to our differing time zones and my meticulous research process, Colin reassured me that I could work at my own pace without the looming pressure of tight deadlines. Encouraged by his flexibility and trust in my abilities, I accepted the offer, marking it as one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Transitioning from managing social media to crafting blog content was a shift, but it was a shift that aligned perfectly with my passion for science. Armed with curiosity and a love for making complex topics accessible, I delved into writing for CANhaveTODAY, transforming intricate scientific concepts into digestible content for readers.

As I immersed myself in this newfound role, I discovered the joy of translating scientific jargon into engaging articles. With each article I wrote, I found myself not only expanding my own knowledge but also making that knowledge more accessible to others.

I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to blend my passion with my profession. What began as a single job posting on a freelance platform has blossomed into this!

Curiosity Corner isn’t just a space for asking and answering questions; it’s a community fueled by the collective thirst for knowledge. Through engaging discussions and inquiries, we will encourage a culture of curiosity, one question at a time.

So, if you are confused about science-related stuff that affects your skin, join us here at Curiosity Corner!

Why Does My Skin Itch? Unraveling the Causes and Solutions

Man scratching his arm with bites

That pesky itch that makes you want to scratch until you’re red can pop up anywhere on your body and drive you absolutely crazy! This common problem, known as pruritus, has several potential causes. Let’s explore what might be making your skin itch and how to find relief.

Why Do I Feel This Way?

Mosquitoes around a man's hand
  • Itchy skin conditions. The most familiar culprits include dry skin (especially common as we age), eczema, psoriasis, bug bites, hives, and other rashes.
  • Internal problems. Sometimes the itch comes from within. Diseases affecting your liver, kidneys, blood, thyroid, and even certain types of cancer can lead to itching all over.
  • Nerve problems. Conditions like multiple sclerosis, pinched nerves, or shingles can mess with the signals coming from your skin, making it feel itchy.
  • Mental health connection. Conditions like anxiety or depression can sometimes contribute to itchy skin or cause stress itching.
  • Irritation and allergies. Fabrics like wool, harsh soaps, chemicals, or even some medications can cause your body to react with an itchy rash.

It’s Not Just in Your Head: Risks and Complications

Man scratching his neck

The older you are, the more likely you are to experience itchy skin. Plus, there are some real downsides to nonstop itching:

  • No rest: Itchy skin can make it hard to sleep, adding to your frustration.
  • Anxiety & low mood: Constant itchiness wears you down emotionally.
  • Scratched up skin: The more you scratch, the higher your chance of cuts, infections, and even scars.

How To Get Relief

Doctor performing skin allergy test on a patient

The best treatment for itchy skin depends on what’s causing it. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Consult a licensed physician. A licensed medical doctor can figure out if you have one of the diseases or conditions mentioned above and come up with the right treatment plan.
  • Consider the following remedies for relief:
    • Hydrate from within – drink plenty of water.
    • High-quality moisturizer is your friend, like CANhaveTODAY’s very own Sparkling Rain.
  • Cool compresses calm the itch in a pinch.
  • Anti-itch cream can help temporarily. CANhaveTODAY’s Soothing Juggernaut and Waters Mist are excellent products in helping relieve itch.
  • Lukewarm baths (not hot!) soothe your skin.
  • Ditch harsh soaps & detergents; gentle is best.
  • Watch out for any products that seem to trigger a reaction.

The Takeaway

Itchy skin may seem like a small annoyance, but it can be a sign of something more serious. If home remedies don’t work, the itch keeps you up at night, or you have other worrisome symptoms, definitely get it checked out by a doctor.

9 thoughts on “CANhaveTODAY’s Curiosity Corner

  1. why we use that ingredient Caprylyl Glycol? Is that not a harmful ingredient?

    1. This is an ingredient in Optiphen – a broad spectrum preservative. If it was harmful it would be banned in cosmetics, its 1 of 2 of the major preservative systems approved see below.

      In order to sell a product it needs to be stable and this ingredient is VERY safe.

      Per Ashland, Optiphen Plus preservative should be used in cosmetic products at concentrations in the range of 0.75% to 1.5%. For the preservation of simple surfactant products a dose of 0.5% might be sufficient. For the determination of optimum dosage they recommend a preservation test, as the efficacy of this preservative is highly influenced by the product matrix. Please see the Technical Data Sheet for more information.

      INCI: Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid

      1. Glycol, is found in many sources IE: glycolic peels which is formed from fruit acid. It helps kill anything that’s not supposed to be in the formula and 100% safe in the concentrations listed below.

        ISP’s (now Ashland’s) second globally approved preservative in the Optiphen family developed as an alternative for personal care formulations requiring a paraben and formaldehyde-free preservative system, particularly within lower pH systems. Optiphen Plus performs best in formulations below 6.0 pH, but is also proven effective at pH levels above 6.0.

    2. Caprylyl glycol is a preservative with moisturizing and hydrating properties. Additionally, it can help skin care ingredients reach deeper skin layers! This ingredient is safe at concentrations up to 5% in skin care products.

    1. Bees wax is a natural emulsifier yes Emulsifier NF allows the formula to stay emulsified if its heated to 110 degrees and cooled to -35 degree’s. again stability, feel and final product safety for consistency this ingredient is required and totally safe.

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