Essential Oils in Natural Skin care

Essential oils in small bottles, dried flowers on the left, fresh flowers on the backgorund, frankincense resin on the right

As stated in our previous article “What Ingredients are in Natural Skin care Products?“, our products at CANhaveTODAY are cruelty-free and 100% natural. This even includes the base compounds in each of our products!

These base ingredients are common throughout many skincare products, but what sets our products apart are the unique blends of essential oils. There is a particular combination of natural ingredients and essential oils in our skincare products that target problematic skin and provide long-lasting relief.

Essential Oils in Our Skincare Products

Essential oils in small bottles, dried flowers on the left, fresh flowers on the backgorund, frankincense resin on the right

We added a variety of natural essential oils to our products to reduce inflammation, redness, dryness, infection, acne, fungal outbreaks, and so much more!

We use a number of the same essential oils throughout many of our products. Why? Because they pack a punch when grouped together, ensuring that all our products are effective and benefit the skin.

Read below to find out which essential oils we use at CANhaveTODAY and the role that each play in our natural skin care products.

Waters Mist, Soothing Juggernaut, and Healing Legends

Essential oils in bottles, fresh and dried flowers and herbs, and natural background of leaves

Beeswax, although not an essential oil, is an essential ingredient in these products. It acts as a humectant, improving the skin’s moisture retention, and providing hydration deep into the skin. Beeswax also possesses powerful antibacterial properties which prevents bacterial buildup in the skin that can cause infection (2).

Chamomile flower extract contains antioxidants, is antimicrobial, antibacterial, and an anti-inflammatory. It prevents infection, reduces redness and hyperpigmentation, and helps speed up cell regeneration in the skin (3).

Jojoba seed oil is a gentle carrier oil (oil that dilutes essential oils and allows them to be absorbed into the skin). On its own, it acts as a humectant to moisturize the skin. It contains antioxidants (Vitamin E) that promote collagen production and speed up healing of damaged skin.

Jojoba seed oil is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and an anti-inflammatory. It is noncomedogenic (non-irritating) and is therefore more easily absorbed (4).

Lavender oil is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and an antioxidant. It soothes dry skin and itch while reducing acne breakouts and promoting healing of damaged skin (5).

Soybean oil contains oleic acid and antioxidants (Vitamin E). These compounds protect skin from environmental stressors and build the skin’s moisture barrier, ultimately improving the skin’s ability to retain moisture (6).

Tea tree leaf oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and has antimicrobial properties. It prevents infection while reducing redness, swelling, and oil buildup, making it a great natural ingredient to combat acne and infection (8).

Waters Mist, Soothing Juggernaut, Healing Legends, and Sparkling Rain

Various essential oils in bottles, flowers, and herbs

Sunflower seed oil is a powerhouse of antioxidants (Vitamin E), beta-carotenes (Vitamin A), and omega-6 acid. These compounds protect skin cells, reduce inflammation, and encourage new cell growth. These components are effective at combating issues like acne, redness, and irritation (7).

Aloe leaf juice is a humectant that contains antioxidants, which work together to hydrate, soothe, and calm inflamed skin (1).

 Aloe Leaf juiceBeeswaxChamomile Flower ExtractJojoba Seed OilLavender OilSoybean OilSunflower Seed OilTea Tree Leaf Oil
Strong [1] Mild to Strong [12]Strong [16, 17]Moderate to Strong [28,29]Strong [47]Moderate to Strong [60]Strong [68]
– AcneMild to Strong [2]Strong [17]Moderate to Strong [30] Moderate to Strong [47]Moderate [61]Strong [68]
– CellulitisMild to Strong [48]Strong [68]
– ItchMild [3]Mild to Strong [48]Strong [68]
– Skin InfectionsStrong [18]Moderate to Strong [31]Mild to Strong [48]Strong [62]Strong [68]
Anti-inflammatoryModerate [4,5]Strong [17]Strong [32]Strong [49]Strong [55]Strong [63]Moderate to Strong [69]
– AcneStrong  [17]Moderate to Strong [33]Moderate to Strong [50]Moderate to Strong [60]Strong [68]
– SwellingModerate [6,5]Strong  [17]Strong [34]Strong [50]
– PainModerate [7]Strong  [19]Strong [50]
AntifungalModerate [8]Mild to Strong [12]Strong [20]Moderate to Strong [35]Mild to Moderate [49,48]
Moderate to Strong [60]Moderate to Strong [70]
– Athlete’s FootMild [48]Moderate to Strong [71]
– ItchMild [48]Moderate to Strong [68]
AntimicrobialStrong [9]Mild to Strong [12]Strong [21]Moderate to Strong [28,29,35]Mildt to Strong [47, 48]Moderate to Strong [60]Strong [68]
AntioxidantStrong [13]Strong [22, 23]Strong [36,37,38]Moderate to Strong [51] Mild to Strong [56]Moderate to Strong [61]Moderate to Strong [72]
– Vitamin EYesYesYes [61]
– Vitamin AYes [39]YesYes
– Omega-6Yes

Strong [10]Strong [14]Strong [40,41]Mild [57]
Strong [62]
– EmollientStrong [14]Strong [42,43]Mild [58]Strong [62]  
– HumectantStrong [11]Strong [14]Strong [44]
– OcclusiveStrong [14]Strong [62]
Reduces hyperpigmentationStrong [24]
Reduces rednessStrong [25,26]– Strong [52]Moderate [59]Strong [63]Mild to Moderate [73]
Soothes dry skinStrong [14]Strong [40,41]Mild to Moderate [53]Strong [59]Strong [62]Moderate to Strong [74]
Soothes itch– – Strong [64]Moderate to Strong [75]
Heals woundsStrong [3]Strong [15]Strong [16, 27]Strong [45,46]Strong [54]Strong [65,66,67]Moderate to Strong [76]
Table 1. Properties of the Natural ingredients in Soothing Juggernaut, Healing Legends, and Waters Mist

Ingredients that Stand Out

Even though CANhaveTODAY’s products have many of the same natural ingredients, each product is distinct and provides relief to the skin in its own way. This is achieved through essential oils and ingredient combinations that make each product unique.

Waters Mist

Waters Mist New Product Photo

Waters Mist works to deliver relief to dry, irritated skin, while soothing itch, reducing inflammation, and enhancing hydration. Two key ingredients in Waters Mist are lemongrass oil and cinnamon leaf oil which help make this salve refreshing and powerful.

Lemongrass oil is a strong antimicrobial ingredient that prevents infection. It also contains antioxidants to protect skin cells from damage. Lemongrass oil is an anti-inflammatory which aids in pain relief to applied areas (9).

Cinnamon leaf oil is another strong antibacterial ingredient that balances and evens skin while reducing redness, pain, and inflammation. It also acts as a potent insect repellent (10)!

Soothing Juggernaut

Soothing Juggernaut New Product Photo

Soothing Juggernaut provides deep relief of aches and pains while preventing buildup of bacteria and fungi in the skin. It aids in healing damaged skin, eases wrinkles, and even reduces swelling and bruising. Like Waters Mist, it also contains lemongrass oil as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ingredient. But what makes this product unique is the powerful blend of arnica, frankincense, and cypress.

Arnica reduces pain, swelling, irritation, and inflammation in the skin and soft tissue. It also has properties which reduce the appearance of bruising and accelerates healing in the skin.

Frankincense is a great ingredient to reduce redness, irritation, pain, stiffness, and inflammation. It aids in evening skin tone and even has anti-cancer properties that limit the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Cypress contains anti-spasm compounds which are used to treat cramps or other muscle difficulties. It also reduces cellulite and improve skin texture.

Healing Legends

Healing Legends New Product Photo

Like Soothing Juggernaut, Healing Legends is also infused with frankincense. Although, in Healing Legends we have frankincense combined with myrrh and bergamot. Together they create a powerful healing salve that reduces inflammation, swelling, and pain associated with damaged skin.

Myrrh promotes healing, reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling. It also has the ability to reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots, and even has anti-cancer properties that combat cancer cells.

Bergamot is a fast-acting anti-inflammatory ingredient. It is antimicrobial which reduces acne and other infections deep in the skin.

Sparkling Rain

Sparkling Rain New Product Photo
Sparkling Rain New Product Photo

Sparkling Rain is an antimicrobial hand moisturizer with many additional benefits. It also acts as a great facial moisturizer to combat acne and reduce inflammation and redness throughout the skin. Sparkling Rain is very unique to CANhaveTODAY as it has 10 key ingredients not utilized in our other products.

A quick note: These products contain Sodium borate. The government of Canada does not recommend the use of products containing Sodium borate on open wounds, cuts, or abrasions.

Essential Oils

Olive oil is an antioxidant that is rich in Vitamins A, D, K, and E. These vitamins protect the skin’s cells from UV damage and premature aging. Olive oil increases collagen production, reduces acne, and promotes healing. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory (13).

Sweet almond oil contains Vitamins A and E which prevents cell damage in the skin. It even contains omega-3 fatty acids that protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Sweet almond oil also reduces the appearance of scars and acne, improves skin tone, and reduces inflammation (14).

Avocado oil contains protein, lecithin, fatty acids, carotene, and Vitamins A, E, and D. These compounds moisturize and protect skin from UV rays. Avocado oil also promotes collagen production and damage healing. It’s also a great antimicrobial compound (15).

Grape seed oil is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and an antioxidant. It contains fatty acids and Vitamin E which improve skin elasticity, skin tone, and protect the skin from UV damage (16).

Grapefruit oil have therapeutic properties with a scent that lowers anxiety and stress. It’s also packed with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to prevent infection.

Additional Ingredients

Man getting some skin care product from a container

Shea butter is an effective natural moisturizing ingredient that absorbs well into the skin without leaving excess oils behind. It’s has properties against inflammation, oxidants (due to Vitamins A & E), bacteria, and fungi. Shea butter reduces pain, promotes cell regeneration, increases collagen production, eliminates acne, and even improves skin texture (11).

Mango seed butter does not irritate the skin (noncomedogenic) and contains Vitamins C, B6, A, and E. These components improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of scars and dry skin. Mango seed butter is an antioxidant containing salicylic acid, which fights acne and other skin infections. It’s also antimicrobial and protects the skin from UV rays (12).

Chaga extract is a strong antioxidant that protects the skin’s cells from environmental damage. It promotes cell regeneration and contributes to healing damaged tissue. Chaga is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that also reduces muscle and joint pain while detoxing the skin.

Sodium hyaluronate is a humectant, attracting moisture to skin cells to reduce dryness. It diminishes inflammation and promotes tissue healing. Sodium hyaluronate is also very popular in many skincare products because it promotes cell regeneration and tissue repair. It also reducing wrinkles and smooths the skin’s surface.

We hope this article provides you with insight on our cruelty free, vegan, and 100% natural products. Our products at CANhaveTODAY contain unique blends of essential oils and natural ingredients that are designed to soothe the skin and provide long-lasting relief. We hope you love our products as much as we do.


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Are essential oils good for the skin?

Certain essential oils are great for the skin. They have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties that can help soothe irritated skin, reduce redness and inflammation, heal skin damage, improve skin texture, and fight the signs of skin aging.

What essential oils are good for skin care?

Some popular essential oils for skin care include lavender, tea tree, chamomile, and frankincense essential oils.
Lavender essential oil and chamomile essential oil help calm and soothe sensitive, irritated skin.
Tea tree oil fights bacteria and inflammation, which can be helpful for acne-prone skin.
Frankincense essential oil helps fight inflammation and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How to use essential oils in skin care?

Essential oils can be added to various skin care products, like creams, lotions, and cleansers. If using alone, be sure to dilute essential oil with a carrier oil before applying directly to the skin. Common carrier oils include jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, and sunflower oil. Take note that there are specific dilution ratios you must follow. But with CANhaveTODAY’s products, you won’t have to worry about diluting the salves or moisturizer because we already formulated them with carrier oils and your skin’s safety in mind!

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