100% Crème naturelle de soulagement des douleurs musculaires

If you are looking for a natural calming muscle rub cream for aches and pains. look no further! Our exclusive Soothing Juggernaut 100% Natural Muscle Pain Cream gives relief to joint pain, sore muscles & skin irritations with its 100% natural ingredients.

Cypress Essential Oil for Muscle Spasms

Cypress essential oil, herbs, and bottles on a white surface

We infused Cypress essential oil which is a natural anti spasm & useful in relieving menstrual cramps. According to a report from India, Cypress is also useful in helping relax restless leg syndrome. This relief assists in keeping a good night sleep by reducing uncomfortable muscle spasms

Cypress essential oil is also used to alleviate the effects of cellulite. Cellulite is a condition often described as skin areas looking like dimples or lumpy appearance under the skin.

Arnica Essential Oil for Pain & Swelling

Fleurs d'arnica montana

Arnica is another essential oil we have infused into Mastodonte apaisant. This exceptional essential oil has been proven to assist in relieving pain and swelling! Arnica is also useful in helping soothe skin irritation, calming muscle pains, spasms and arthritic pains!

Arnica essential oil contains Helenalin, which is an anti-inflammatoire active ingredient in Arnica. This natural essential oil is also useful in speeding up the healing process of bruising.

Frankincense Essential Oil for Redness & Irritation

Bouteille d'huile essentielle d'encens avec résine d'encens

Frankincense essential oil will reduce redness and irritation in the skin and produce even tone. Boswellia serrata (Frankincense) is also proven to reduce inflammation, pain and stiffness caused by inflammation.

There are many studies that show Frankincense is effective in helping ease aches and discomfort from arthritis & inflammation. Also, it helps ease redness for an even & healthy skin tone.

There is no arguing the quality of these 3 huiles essentielles to offering 100% natural topical pain relief. The pain relieving attributes of Arnica, Cypress and Frankincense bring our Juggernaut Rx Salve Cream natural soothing capabilities, providing cooling relief as you gently rub into your affected area.

Lavender Essential Oil for Inflammation

Lavender and a vial of Lavender Essential Oil

We have infused Soothing Juggernaut with Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender is a well-known powerhouse for soothing inflammation. This soothing essential oil brings calming relief to natural pain from daily living.

 Mastodonte apaisant
 Arnica (Arnica Montana)Encens (Boswellia carteri)Cyprès (Cupressus sempervirens)
AntibactérienLéger à fort [1,2,3]Modéré [12]Modéré à fort [26]
– AcnéLéger à fort [1,2,3]Modéré [13]Modéré [14]
– CelluliteModéré à fort [14]
– DémangeaisonLéger à fort [1,2,3]Modéré [12]
– Infections cutanéesLéger à fort [1,2,3]ModéréFort [27]
Anti-inflammatoireFort [4]Fort [13]Fort [28]
   – AcnéFort [13]Modéré à fort [14]
   - GonflementFort [4]Fort [13]Fort [28]
AntifongiqueLégère à modérée [3]Modéré à fort [14]Modéré [29]
   - Pied d'athlète (démangeaison des pieds)Modéré à fort [14]Fort [30,31]
   – DémangeaisonModéré à fort [14]Modéré [30]
AntimicrobienLégère à modérée [1,5,6]Modéré à fort [12, 14]Fort [32,33]
Antioxydant (combat les dommages cutanés et le vieillissement)Fort [7]Léger à fort [15]Fort [29]
AntiparasitaireLéger à fort [16,17]Fort [29]
Antispasmodique (soulage les spasmes musculaires)Modéré à fort [5]Modéré à fort [18,19]Fort – Spasmes musculaires – Crampes menstruelles – Syndrome des jambes sans repos
Insecticide (tue les insectes)Légère à modérée [8]Fort [20]Fort [29]
Hydratant (pour les peaux sèches et/ou peau craquelée)Fort [21]Modéré à fort [34]
Réduit les ecchymosesModéré à fort [9,10]Fort [22]Fort
Très fort
Réduit la cellulite– Modéré à fort [14]
Réduit l'hyperpigmentationFort [11]Fort [23,13]Modéré [35]
Très fort
Réduit ou soulage la douleurFort [4]Fort [24]Modéré à fort [36]    – Douleurs articulaires – Douleurs arthritiques – Douleurs musculaires
Repousse les insectesFort [25]Fort [37]
Traite les crampesFort [5]Fort [38]
Cicatrisation des plaiesFort [4]Fort [13]Fort [14]

Soothing Juggernaut for Muscle Pain Relief

Mastodonte apaisant has combined these powerful oils into an original pain relief cream. Our 100% Natural Muscle Pain Cream carries the natural ingredients of sunflower seed oil, beeswax, aloe leaf, melaleuca oil (tea tree essential oil), chamomile, and more all in one muscle rub cream which will sooth and restore free movement to enjoy life.

We are very proud with this unique combination of nature. We are confident you will find high quality value in this Rx Salve. It works! Like the name says: Soothing Juggernaut will bring the gentle strength of nature to relieve and bring care back to your skin.


What essential oils are good for pain?

Arnica essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and cypress essential oil have properties that make them a great option in providing relief to achy muscles or painful joints.

What is Soothing Juggernaut for?

CANhaveTODAY’s Soothing Juggernaut is useful in many ways, especially in providing soothing relief to pain, itch, and inflammation. It is also a great tool in helping combat athlete’s foot due to its strong activities against the fungi that cause this infection.

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