Comment apaiser une piqûre d'abeille et réduire les zébrures avec des produits naturels

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Let’s talk about how to soothe a bee sting and reduce welts. A bee stings you, and suddenly your arm is on fire. Or maybe you are just strolling around the neighborhood then you go home with a lot of welts. Whether it’s from a bee sting accident or an allergy, it’s an uncomfortable and inconvenient experience for anyone. But what if there was something that could help? What can you do about it?

While we can’t stop bees from stinging us or getting welts from any source, we can help by giving relief to what they cause. That is why we formulated Soothing Juggernaut with natural anti-inflammatory compounds! Soothing Juggernaut is an all-natural product that can help reduce welt from both of these issues. It contains arnica, frankincense, and cypress essential oils that are known for their abilities to reduce pain and inflammation caused by bee stings, mosquito bites, and allergens! But how do they do it?

First things first! Make sure to remove the sting and the sting bag before you apply anything on the stung area. Clean the sting site with soap and water, too.

Essential Oils as Potent Anti-inflammatory Agents

Huile Essentielle Arnica

Fleur d'Arnica montana (Arnica des montagnes)

Soothe bee stings and reduce welts using Arnica essential oil, which is great for decreasing the swelling of inflamed skin. A study on post-surgical setting shows that it reduces the pain and inflammation in patients. It concludes that Arnica Montana can be a good alternative for NSAIDs when treating certain inflammatory conditions. Although arnica’s mechanism of decreasing inflammation is yet unknown, The Commission E of Germany approved its topical use for injuries like inflammation caused by insect bites!

Huile essentielle d'encens

Candle, Frankincense Oil and resin on wooden surface

Frankincense essential oil is another agent with strong pain and inflammation-reducing properties. It inhibits the processes that encourage inflammation through the 5-lipoxygenase (a major source of strong molecules that cause inflammation) and cyclo-oxygenase (another major pro-inflammatory) pathways. The Boswellia species contain compounds like boswellic acids that have potent properties against inflammation. Because of these compounds, frankincense can also help in other inflammatory conditions like arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Huile essentielle de cyprès

Cypress Essential Oil on a bottle with dropper, cypress leaves, and bottles

One more natural agent to use for bee stings and welts is Cypress essential oil. It has alpha-pinene, an organic compound which reduces inflammation in many ways. But it doesn’t end here. All mentioned essential oils possess strong activities in reducing pain and they can also prevent bacterial and fungal infections!

Huile Essentielle de Lavande

Lavender essential oil and lavender on a white surface

The essential oil from lavender is also a notable anti-inflammatory agent that is known to help with bee stings and welts. It does so by many ways, like interfering with cell signaling and reducing the production of cytokines (small proteins for cell signaling) that encourage inflammation. Additionally, lavender essential oil can suppress bacterial and fungal growth and help with wound healing!

Huile d'arbre à thé

Herbes d'arbre à thé sur une assiette et dans un panier avec des bouteilles d'huile d'arbre à thé, un insectifuge naturel

One of the most popular essential oils for the treatment of bee sting pain and prevention of infection is huile d'arbre à thé. This is because tea tree oil can modulate the dilation of blood vessels and the leakage of plasma, which is the fluid portion of the blood, into the tissues in a reaction associated with histamine. Tea tree oil is also a strong antibacterial and antifungal which can help you prevent skin infections. It can also help accelerate the process of healing wounds!

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Bee stings and welts? Soothing Juggernaut can help!

Couvercle Juggernaut apaisant

Bee stings and welts can be itchy and painful, but they don’t have to be! CANhaveTODAY developed Soothing Juggernaut, a product that will help relieve the pain and swelling of bee stings and welts. Just apply the product to the affected area and watch as the inflammation goes down, the itching stops, and those welts fade away.

The essential oils of arnica, frankincense, cypress, lavender, and tea tree are all included in this formula to help soothe your skin after a sting, insect bite, or allergic reaction. Soothing Juggernaut is safe for children and adults! Just apply liberally to affected areas whenever needed.

Learn more about the properties of Soothing Juggernaut by reading this table.

 Mastodonte apaisant  
 Arnica (Arnica Montana)Encens (Boswellia carteri)Cyprès (Cupressus sempervirens)Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)Théier (Melaleuca alternifolia)
AntibactérienLéger à fort [1,2,3]Modéré [12]Modéré à fort [26]Fort [39]Fort [56]
– AcnéLéger à fort [1,2,3]Modéré [13]Modéré [14]Modéré à fort [39]Fort [56]
– CelluliteModéré à fort [14]Léger à fort [40]Fort [56]
– DémangeaisonLéger à fort [1,2,3]Modéré [12]Léger à fort [40]Fort [56]
– Infections cutanéesLéger à fort [1,2,3]ModéréFort [27]Léger à fort [40]Fort [56]
Anti-inflammatoireFort [4]Fort [13]Fort [28]Fort [41]Modéré à fort [57]
   – AcnéFort [13]Modéré à fort [14]Modéré à fort [42]Fort [56]
   - GonflementFort [4]Fort [13]Fort [28]Fort [42]Modéré à fort [57]
AntifongiqueLégère à modérée [3]Modéré à fort [14]Modéré [29]Légère à modérée [41,40]Modéré à fort [58]
   - Pied d'athlète (démangeaison des pieds)Modéré à fort [14]Fort [30,31]Mild [40]Modéré à fort [59]
   – DémangeaisonModéré à fort [14]Modéré [30]Mild [40]Modéré à fort [56]
AntimicrobienLégère à modérée [1,5,6]Modéré à fort [12, 14]Fort [32,33]Léger à fort [39, 40]Fort [56]
Antioxydant (combat les dommages cutanés et le vieillissement)Fort [7]Léger à fort [15]Fort [29]Modéré à fort [43]Modéré à fort [60]
AntiparasitaireLéger à fort [16,17]Fort [29]Fort [44]Modéré à fort [61,62]
Antispasmodique (soulage les spasmes musculaires)Modéré à fort [5]Modéré à fort [18,19]Fort – Spasmes musculaires – Crampes menstruelles – Syndrome des jambes sans reposFort [45]Modéré à fort [63]
Insecticide (tue les insectes)Légère à modérée [8]Fort [20]Fort [29]Fort [46]Fort [64]
Hydratant (pour les peaux sèches et/ou peau craquelée)Fort [21]Modéré à fort [34]Légère à modérée [47]Léger à fort [65]
Réduit les ecchymosesModéré à fort [9,10]Fort [22]FortModéré à fort [48]Modéré à fort [66]
Très fort  
Réduit la cellulite– Modéré à fort [14]
Réduit l'hyperpigmentationFort [11]Fort [23,13]Modéré [35]Modéré à fort [49,50]Fort [67]
Très fort  
Réduit ou soulage la douleurFort [4]Fort [24]Modéré à fort [36]    – Douleurs articulaires – Douleurs arthritiques – Douleurs musculairesModéré à fort [51,52]
Repousse les insectesFort [25]Fort [37]Fort [53]Fort [64]
Traite les crampesFort [5]Fort [38]Fort [54]
Cicatrisation des plaiesFort [4]Fort [13]Fort [14]Fort [55]Modéré à fort [68]
Tableau 1. Properties of the ingredients of CANhaveTODAY’s Soothing Juggernaut salve.


How do I treat a bee sting?

Upon getting stung by a bee, you should immediately remove the stinger by scraping it off. Then, clean the sting site with soap and water. Apply a cold compress to reduce the swelling and keep an eye out for an allergic reaction.

What are the symptoms of a bee sting?

The typical symptoms of a bee sting are an intense, sharp pain, redness and swelling, and minor skin reactions like a welt around the sting area.

How can I prevent bee stings?

You can reduce the risk of bee stings by not wearing bright colors or floral prints that can attract bees, avoiding scents that might draw bees in, being cautious when outdoors, and keeping garbage cans sealed.

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