Gram-positive vs. gram-negative bacteria

Streptococcus bacteria

Ever wondered why the scratch on your arm turned leaky and began to hurt? Ever wondered why that lesion on your skin started secreting yellow pus from it? This is because of the contamination of the skin by bacteria. Now these bacteria are of two types’ gram-positive and gram-negative. The gram-positive bacteria appear blue and the gram-negative bacteria appear pink in color as seen under the microscope. In this article, we’ll discover the differences of Gram-positive vs. Gram-negative bacteria.


The gram-positive bacteria, between the two, is normally living on the surface of our skin and just live about their lives causing no harm to us. This is their natural habitat and everybody on this planet has these bacteria on their skins. These bacteria may come either from the air, dust, or during contact with a dirty thing or they just might be living on the skin naturally. To have a comparison between the two types of bacteria and their infections caused in the skin, the gram-positive bacteria are more important to be aware of.

The need to know this technical thing is that you must be aware of the type of bacteria that is infecting your skin. Based on that different treatment options can be utilized which would otherwise be a confusing thing to ascertain.

Gram-positive vs. Gram-negative bacteria under the microscope

How bacteria causes a skin infection

Skin problems arise when bacteria get access to the skin due to skin damage. These bacteria then enter the layers of the skin as small evil soldiers with weapons and ammunition ready inflict damage. Fortunately, most of this damage in the form of infections is fought off with the help of our immune system. The immune system and its components in your body acts as the friendly soldiers who are equipped with latest technology and defense equipment to fight off the bad soldiers of the bacteria.

Resultantly, the immune cells in our blood cordons off the bacteria contamination in our skin and keeps it localized.

Gram-positive vs. Gram-negative bacteria

Common gram-positive infections

Examples of such infections are:

  • Impetigo
  • Ecthyma
  • Folliculitis
  • Furunculosis
  • Carbuncle

Folliculitis is when there is an infection of the skin right at the root of the hair on your skin.  Impetigo is a skin infection in children mostly. Ever seen a honey-colored crusted rash on the skin of a child? That’s impetigo caused by gram-positive bacteria. Sometimes the gram-positive bacteria reach the deeper layers of the skin causing widespread skin infections like cellulitis and necrotizing fasciitis.

Impetigo around a child's mouth

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Common gram-negative infections

Gram-negative bacteria normally do not live on the surface of the skin as a part of their natural flora like the gram-positive bacteria do. Hence the only way for gram-negative bacteria to reach your skin is that the germs to enter the skin from external sources. These bacteria can also infect the skin causing small pustules or breaks in the skin with bleeding and blackening of the skin.

Imagine the above different examples of skin infections with the help of the following analogy. Suppose there are various soldiers of various body types with different weapons. Each soldier having a specific ability to inflict attack on your skin. Now it is up to the defense mechanism and defense equipment of your skin that will determine whether it will resist the attack of the bacteria successfully or will succumb to those nasty little infectious soldiers.

No germs allowed

CANhaveTODAY lets you build that defense that is required by your skin and your immunity. It equips your immune cells and skin with the shields, the defensive weapons, the bullet proof vests that will fight off any attack by any type of bacteria. Our natural and 100% organic skin care products will not only fight the incoming soldiers of gram positive and gram negative bacteria but they will also make your skin look so fresh and clean that no hostile soldier or bacteria would even think to roam around your heavily defensed skin.

Skin infection and awareness

If you ever feel that there is redness on your skin which is tender and hot to the touch, you should think of a cutaneous skin infection caused by gram-positive or gram-negative bacteria. The differentiating factor of Gram-positive vs. Gram-negative bacteria infection lies in diagnostic investigations that a dermatologist would like to order on your skin. The dermatologist might take a sample of the infected skin and observe it under a microbe to see the type of bacteria.

CANhaveTODAY and bacterial skin infections

CANhaveTODAY focuses on the prevention of these skin diseases which, although non-serious, can prove themselves to be a real nuisance for any individual. If you’re working in a field in an environment where your skin has continuous exposure to dust and other pollution of the air, then you might be prone to these diseases should there be any damage on the skin. Prevention is always the best care for any medical condition and that is what CANhaveTODAY focuses on with the help of

  • The awareness-focused articles
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The susceptible individuals should use our products to deep cleanse their skin regularly when they take off from work. As a result, the bacteria would not be present on the surface of the skin in the first place. CANhaveTODAY has a wide range of skincare products that allow you to take care of your skin and make it resistant to these tough and harsh conditions of the external environment. Our products help your skin and get rid of the unwanted gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria that would otherwise be always on your skin finding a way to get inside and cause skin infections.

A man washing his face

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Your skin matters!

Your skin no matter what the color is the prime focus and epicenter of your mind’s confidence. If your skin looks fresh, hydrated, moisturized, and free from all the dust, germs, unwanted acne, rashes, and bacterial infections, you will automatically feel confident. Your work life will blossom, your socializing will improve, and your relationships will flourish. So why not take care of such an important part of your body? Browse our blog and open your mind to the avenues never explored in the world of skincare and health because CANhaveTODAY knows that YOUR SKIN MATTERS! A quick note: These products contain Sodium borate. The government of Canada does not recommend the use of products containing Sodium borate on open wounds, cuts, or abrasions.

So without waiting for these bacteria to cause harm to your beautiful skin, scroll through the wide range of our skin products to make your skin healthy and free of these germs.

Disclaimer: In case of a severe infection consult with your doctor/ dermatologist.


What are the differences between Gram-positive vs. Gram-negative bacteria?

Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria have cell membranes made of peptidoglycan, but that of the Gram-positive bacteria is thicker. Meanwhile, Gram-negative bacteria also has an outer lipid membrane. In other words, Gram-negative bacteria is harder to permeate than Gram-positive bacteria.

Which bacteria commonly cause skin infections?

The most common causes of bacterial skin infections are Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, and coryneform bacteria (Aly, 1996).

Is there any all-natural antibacterial topical treatment available?

Yes. CANhaveTODAY’s products Waters Mist, Soothing Juggernaut, Healing Legends, and Sparkling Rain are all-natural and are made of ingredients with strong antibacterial properties.

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