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Today, the skin care industry is saturated with products with unnecessary filler chemicals and trendy but unhelpful treatments. It’s time to go back to our roots and embrace the healing powers of nature. Homesteader wants you to have the best all-natural skin care products to keep yourself healthy and toxin-free, including skin care products!

Skin care is very important, and you will find all-natural skin care products that contain scientifically-proven effective ingredients at Homesteader. CANhaveTODAY, a cruelty-free Canadian brand, is proud of its skin care line made with naturally-occurring compounds! Their products fulfill the skin’s needs, like moisturizing, healing, preventing infection, and fighting skin damage.

Essential oils, the potent elixirs extracted from plants, have been used for centuries as medicine for the body. But did you know these aromatic potions can also work magic on your skin? They do, and CANhaveTODAY’s natural skin care products are jam-packed with several essential oils that will treat your skin like a royalty.

Let’s explore the mysteries of natural skin care with CANhaveTODAY! We’ll be unveiling the amazing benefits of the products they offer that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

CANhaveTODAY’s All-Natural Skin Care Products

CANhaveTODAY products in The Homesteader
CANhaveTODAY products at
Homesteader Health Fort St John

Essential oils are natural extracts of plants, and their properties can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions. CANhaveTODAY’s all-natural skin care products contain essential oils that help you achieve healthy, glowing skin by protecting against harmful bacteria and fungi while refreshing and softening your skin. These products also heal skin damage and burns anywhere in your body, making the process faster and preventing scars and pigmentation.

Do you have inflammation in pimples or rashes caused by eczema or psoriasis? CANhaveTODAY’s organic products can help! Acne-prone skin is also not a problem if you use their products which fight acne-causing bacteria. If you’re suffering from dry skin, CANhaveTODAY has a solution. They even have a product that helps with muscle pain and arthritis!

CANhaveTODAY is an award-winning brand in Canada, bagging the Best Canadian-Made Vegan Skin Care Brand 2023 and Most Innovative Pain Relief Skin Care Product 2023 awards! They have four skin care products: Soothing Juggernaut, Healing Legends, Waters Mist, and Sparkling Rain. Let’s find out what they are for and what they offer for your skin.

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Soothing Juggernaut: The Superhero for Pain and Fungal Skin Infections

Soothing Juggernaut New Product Photo
Soothing Juggernaut

Beat the persistent itch of fungal skin infection and the pain from inflammation with Soothing Juggernaut, an award-winning soothing salve. Made with arnica, frankincense, and cypress essential oils, this all-natural skin care product is great for athlete’s foot, arthritic pain relief, relieving bug bites, and cooling burns. Not only that, this Juggernaut is excellent in preventing the formation of scars and dark spots that comes after skin damage!

You can only win against these skin problems with Soothing Juggernaut. There’s no questioning its powers as its essential oils are scientifically proven and tested to be effective! Grab your own skin superhero to fight your skin battles now!

Healing Legends: The All-Star Trio

Healing Legends New Product Photo
Healing Legends

Is an injury wreaking havoc on your skin? Look no more, Healing Legends is the best solution for that! With the “King of Oils” frankincense, myrrh, and bergamot essential oils, your skin damage will heal in a shorter time. Healing Legends tends to your skin gently, disinfecting, stimulating faster healing, and reducing scar formation and dark marks.

Frankincense, myrrh, and bergamot work together to provide your skin with moisture, reduce inflammation, prevent infection, relieve pain, and protect the skin from further damage. What else could you ask for in an all-natural skin care product that can heal? Get your own all-star natural healing salve now!

Waters Mist: The Refreshing Antibacterial

Waters Mist New Product Photo
Waters Mist

Imagine you’re feeling the mist near a body of water—that’s exactly how Waters Mist feels on the skin! But it provides a lot more than refreshing relief: this all-natural skin product fights bacteria and fungi, prevents infections, and calms down eczema. Waters Mist brings the force of tea tree, lemongrass, and cinnamon essential oils to battle acne, rashes, and bacterial skin infections. You’ll feel amazing comfort knowing that acne-causing bacteria and itch-causing bacteria can’t triumph over Waters Mist!

But there’s more! Tea tree, lemongrass, and cinnamon essential oils are powerful antioxidants, too. This means they will protect your skin from damage from the sun and other external factors, which results in delayed skin aging. Another great feat of Waters Mist is its ability to reduce inflammation and irritation from eczema and psoriasis, making it an ideal choice if you have these conditions. Wait no more and give your skin a drink of Waters Mist!

Sparkling Rain: The Invigorating Moisturizer Blend

Sparkling Rain New Product Photo
Sparkling Rain Chaga Moisturizer

Have you seen rain sparkling with sunlight? That’s how you’ll feel if you use Sparkling Rain on your skin. This moisturizer is a blend of essential oils that moisturize and disinfects the skin. It also has a clean scent that can help refresh the senses, especially during a stressful day!

Made with Chaga mushroom extract and grapefruit oil, Sparkling Rain moisturizes and protects the skin like no other! Chaga mushroom is an excellent antioxidant, which means it can protect your skin from damage and aging. Its antiseptic properties are also beneficial for acne breakouts, so this is a good choice if you’re looking for something to help with this problem. Revitalize your skin with this all-natural moisturizer now!

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Have healthier skin today with all-natural skin care

CANhaveTODAY CEO in The Homesteader
Founder of CANhaveTODAY, Colin, visiting Homesteader Health, Fort St John

Homesteader is dedicated to helping you develop a healthy lifestyle, and taking care of the skin is part of that. Essential oils are all-natural and they are great for nourishing and protecting the skin through various mechanisms. Like Homesteader, CANhaveTODAY aims to provide the skin with what it needs using all-natural products. Homesteader offers many other natural and organic products along with our exclusive CANhaveTODAY Skin Care products. With all the scientific evidence proving their effectiveness, essential oils will be great if you want to start having healthier skin.

A quick note: These products contain Sodium borate. The government of Canada does not recommend the use of products containing Sodium borate on open wounds, cuts, or abrasions.

All-natural skin care products made with essential oils are amazingly effective, and CANhaveTODAY’s product users are proof. But remember: do a patch test 24 hours before applying them on your skin!


Where to buy natural skin care products

You can buy CANhaveTODAY’s natural skin care products on our website and in The Homesteader.

Why is natural skin care important?

Natural skin care is important for skin health and the environment. Natural ingredients can provide nutrients and antioxidants that promote healthy skin. They also typically have a lower environmental impact than their synthetic counterparts.

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