Man & steel: healing blacksmith injuries & skin problems

Healing blacksmith injuries: JD Knives owner forging a tool using a hammer and anvil

Blacksmith injuries are prevalent in the fiery forge. Where metals meet hammer and anvil, blacksmiths diligently craft tools, weapons, and works of art that have shaped civilizations through history.

JD Knives value the work of these skilled artisans who endure a physically demanding and often perilous occupation. Creating the tools we use at home and at work exposes them to unrelenting heat and the ever-present risk of injury. Burns and skin damage are a common part of the blacksmith’s daily grind.

As blacksmiths forge on with steadfast determination, the toll on their bodies can’t be denied. To honor their unwavering commitment to their craft, we’ll explore remedies designed to soothe and heal the scars and skin injuries acquired in this line of duty. We will dig into the benefits of CANhaveTODAY’s natural products Soothing Juggernaut, Healing Legends, and Waters Mist.

All-natural skin products for blacksmith injuries

We offer you Soothing Juggernaut, Healing Legends, and Waters Mist to give relief to your injuries. CANhaveTODAY specifically formulated these products to provide relief and treat burns and skin damage for the hard-working blacksmiths who forge the very backbone of our society.

Beat pain with Soothing Juggernaut

Soothing Juggernaut

The life of a blacksmith is a testament to strength and determination. Day in and day out, they use their muscles to transform metal into valuable tools. This labor-intensive process takes a toll on their bodies, leaving them with the most common blacksmith injuries: muscle pain, soreness, and discomfort. But fear not! Soothing Juggernaut is here to save the day.

Soothing Juggernaut is a potent salve formulated to combat the physical strain experienced by workers. It harnesses the powers of frankincense, arnica, and cypress essential oils to ease sore muscles and reduce inflammation, providing much-needed relief.

But that’s not all! Soothing Juggernaut goes above and beyond. With aloe vera in its formula, this salve cools burns and alleviates the pain associated with it. It acts by preventing inflammation, reducing the redness, swelling, and pain it causes.

The essential oils in Soothing Juggernaut also accelerate the process of skin healing and minimize scar formation. To top it off, frankincense and arnica strongly prevent the darkening of where the burns were!

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Soothe and heal burns and injuries using Healing Legends

Healing Legends product photo, lid leaning on the side, product contains essential oils that help with ingrown toe nail and dry skin

Being in the presence of fire and heated metals, burns are very common among blacksmiths—it’s even common in households! This type of blacksmith injury vary in severity and oftentimes take a long time to heal. Burnt skin is often charred, swollen, blistered, red, and very painful—a severely uncomfortable combination of symptoms! But these problems can be solved by CANhaveTODAY’s Healing Legends, a soothing salve with the miraculous blend of frankincense, myrrh, and bergamot essential oils.

Healing Legends can give relief to the burn while helping it heal faster and preventing scar formation. Its components, including aloe vera, make it have the effect of ice when applied on the affected skin.

With the strong anti-inflammatory activities of its essential oils, the redness, swelling, and pain will be gone faster than without intervention! With Healing Legends, these symptoms will never bother you again.

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Prevent infection with Waters Mist

Waters Mist lid off

Any type of skin damage and opening is a risk for infection. Blacksmiths often get skin damage from the metals they work with, and chances are these might be infected. But you can decrease the risk of bacterial and fungal infections using Waters Mist, which contains a high amount of tea tree oil, lemongrass essential oil, and cinnamon essential oil.

Waters Mist is perfect if you want to prevent your injuries from developing pus! Infections make the skin damage worse, the healing slower, and the chance of scar formation higher. The combination of the essential oils in Waters Mist very powerful in killing bacteria and fungi, preventing their growth, so this salve will eliminate any contaminant it encounters!

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Mix & Match: Combining the salves for blacksmith injuries

Blacksmith working on forge

The powers of CANhaveTODAY’s salves are better when they combine forces. Using these salves together will not cause harm! In fact, they will act in synergy to solve a broader set of problems! A quick note: These products contain Sodium borate. The government of Canada does not recommend the use of products containing Sodium borate on open wounds, cuts, or abrasions.

For example, if you have a burn and eczema, combine Healing Legends and Waters Mist to offer you the best relief! In case you’re suffering from any kind of pain and skin damage, use both Soothing Juggernaut and Healing Legends to alleviate the pain and prevent infection. If you’re worried about a burn, pain, skin damage, and the risk of infection, use all the salves together!

There’s no limit to the abilities of CANhaveTODAY’s salves in solving the most common blacksmith injuries. Effective, natural, science-backed, these salves are guaranteed to help with these conditions and more!


What are the most common blacksmith-related injuries?

The most common blacksmith-related injuries are burns, skin damage, and muscle injuries. You can also get something in your eye. Burns can happen from the heat of the forge, hot metal, or sparks. These can happen from sharp tools or metalworking materials. Muscle pain can occur from using force all day, and eye injuries can happen from flying sparks or hot metal.

What should I do if I get hurt?

If you get hurt while blacksmithing, it’s important to do first aid and seek medical attention right away. Even minor injuries can become serious if they’re not properly treated.

How can Waters Mist, Healing Legends, and Soothing Juggernaut help with blacksmith-related injuries?

CANhaveTODAY’s Waters Mist, Healing Legends, and Soothing Juggernaut can help with blacksmith related injuries in many different ways, mainly:
Waters Mist is a powerful antibacterial that can prevent infections.
Healing Legends can accelerate healing and reduce the chance of scar formation.
Soothing Juggernaut can prevent fungal infection and soothe muscle and joint pain.

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