Natural Remedies for Itching Skin

Man scratching itchy skin on his right hand

Natural remedies for itching skin have the reputation to be more gentle on the skin while providing relief to itching skin. Skin itch is a common symptom of many skin conditions. Known as pruritus in medical terms, it is defined as an unpleasant feeling that evokes the scratching impulse. The sensation may be mild to severe and can be localized or widespread. It may also be temporary or long-lasting.

Itching skin can be attributed to different causes including bacteria, fungi, allergies, skin conditions, and bug bites. The most common mediators of itch are histamines released when a foreign material invades the body.

People who suffer skin itch tend to experience adverse effects because they can’t avoid scratching the affected areas. The sensation is distracting, and others may suffer from debilitating chronic itch. Scratching may remove the itch for a short period, but it causes skin damage. Then the itch comes back and triggers the scratching response again.

Natural Solutions to Skin Itch

Man scratching eczema

Skin itch can be very problematic, but there are plenty of solutions that can help. Several pharmacologic and home remedies can be used to relieve itchy skin.

Pharmacologic alternatives are effective albeit having associated side effects. Some of the home remedies for itchy skin include ice packs or cold compress, apple cider vinegar, and oatmeal baths. But these solutions can only be done at home.

An alternative to pharmacologic and home remedies are natural remedies for itching skin. Herbal therapy for skin has been gaining popularity for the past decades for both researchers and users. There is scientific evidence behind their efficacy, and their components have been analyzed for their properties.

CANhaveTODAY has two topical remedies that can help relieve itch: Soothing Juggernaut and Waters Mist. Our ingredients are gentle, all-natural, and have beneficial properties backed by science.

Soothing Juggernaut and Waters Mist both contain lavender oil which is an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. They also have lemongrass oil which inhibits the growth of yeast and other microorganisms on the skin. On top of all these benefits, both salves soften and refresh skin by providing moisture while easing wrinkles.

Soothing Juggernaut and Waters Mist are two of the most powerful anti-itch salves in CANhaveTODAY’s line. While these products may seem similar, there are some key differences between them. Soothing Juggernaut is primarily used for helping fight fungal itch, while Waters Mist helps soothe bacterial itch.

Fungal itch vs. Bacterial Itch

Person scratching athlete's foot on the left, arm with impetigo on the right

Fungal itch typically occurs in areas of the body that are damp and warm. The foot, for example, can be infected by fungi and cause athlete’s foot.

Bacterial infections have a variety of signs and can range from mild to severe. Examples of infections that cause bacterial itch are boils and cellulitis.

Both infections cause inflammation as an immune response. Itch can be felt when cutaneous nerve endings are activated by noxious stimuli like inflammatory mediators.

How Soothing Juggernaut Relieves Itchiness

Soothing Juggernaut New Product Photo

Soothing Juggernaut is natural remedy for itching skin with a blend of essential oils that help calm the itch and pains associated with fungal infections. It is formulated with tea tree leaf oil and the essential oils of frankincense, arnica, and cypress. Together, its ingredients help relieve irritation, redness, itching, swelling, scaly appearance, and blistering.

Tea Tree Oil’s potency against athlete’s foot

Tea tree herbs

TTO is has activities against fungi that cause athlete’s foot (Carr, 1998). TTO is helpful in killing and preventing the growth of dermatophytes, including E. floccosum, T. interdigitale, T. mentagrophytes, and T. rubrum (Hammer et al., 2002).

The inhibitory property of tea tree oil (TTO) against athlete’s foot is due to its main active component, terpinen-4-ol. A study evaluated this component against T. rubrum and have shown inhibitory effects. T. rubrum is the leading dermatophyte pathogen and it mainly causes the majority of tinea infections except tinea capitis.

Another study on the potency of TTO against microbes gave evidence that terpinen-4-ol was active in inhibiting T. rubrum, T. mentagrophytes. The study also shows that TTO has activities against bacteria, including the acne-causing Cutibacterium acnes.

Apart from being effective in combatting fungal itch, there is proof that TTO can prevent damage by oxidants and reduce histamine-induced inflammation (Koh et al., 2002). TTO is also popular for being an analgesic and antiviral (Edmonson et al., 2011).

Soothing Juggernaut also contains frankincense, arnica and cypress essential oils. These EOs make an excellent antifungal combination, making Soothing Juggernaut a more potent antifungal than Waters Mist.

Frankincense as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory

Candle, Frankincense Oil and resin on wooden surface

Frankincense have a variety of properties for therapy that benefit the skin. It is one of the most useful natural remedies for itching skin. A review about Frankincense noted its activities against fungi, bacteria, inflammation, and oxidation (Al-Yasiry & Kiczorowska, 2016).

The essential oil from Frankincense is proven to have some activity against Microsporum and Trichophyton (Parrish et al., 2020). It has antifungal activities towards Candida species, attributed to limonene. This compound stops the cell cycle at the first gap (G1) phase and causes cell death by damaging Candida cell walls (Thakre et al., 2018).

The anti-inflammatory property of FREO is due to its major constituent, alpha-pinene. It inhibits and reduces the expression of inflammatory cytokines (Gayathri et al., 2007; Choi et al., 2010, as cited in Han et al., 2017). FREO also has a potential for healing skin damage by reducing the chance of scar formation.

Frankincense essential oil deeply nourishes dry skin and has astringent properties (Kashyap et al., 2021). These might be helpful to athlete’s foot, which presents with dry skin at the bottom of the toes, flaky, scaling and itchy skin.

Arnica for pain and inflammation

A bottle of cinnamon essential oil and cinnamon

Another natural remedy for itching skin is arnica which has been used mainly for pain and inflammation, with comparable analgesic activity to ibuprofen and diclofenac. Studies show that arnica has activities against microbes, inflammation, pain, rheumatism, arthritis, and neoplasm (Garcia-Oliveira et al., 2021 as cited in Smith et al., 2021).

Arnica contains sesquiterpene lactones which has been studied for their properties against fungi and bacteria (Nawrot et al., 2020). A study tested compounds, including sesquiterpene lactones, against fungi. It shows that it has a potential against several dermatophytes, including the fungi that cause athlete’s foot (Nawrot et al., 2021).

The sesquiterpene lactone helenalin is an active component of Arnica and it has anti-inflammatory and immune reaction suppressor properties (Lyss et al., 1998). On the other hand, its antioxidant activity is due to the presence of phenolics (Nikolova et al., 2013).

Cypress against microbes and insects

Cypress essential oil, herbs, and bottles on a white surface

Cypress has strong antimicrobial, insecticidal, and antioxidant, activities that can be attributed to its phenolic constituents and essential oils (Orhan & Tumen, 2015). It also has a great potency against viruses like the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)(Amouroux et al., 1998).

Alpha-pinene is the major component in cypress essential oil (Selim et al., 2014). We mentioned earlier that this compound is potent against inflammation due to its inhibitory activities against immunomodulators.

How Waters Mist Helps Itchy Skin

Waters Mist New Product Photo

CANhaveTODAY’s Waters Mist can help those suffering from irritation issues like eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, scabies, burns, scars, insect bites, and hives. This soothing salve is especially helpful in cellulitis and is a natural remedy for itching skin. It’s a potent blend of essential oils that helps soothe inflammation and relieve itching. It also moisturizes and hydrates skin.

The Waters Mist salve is made with lemongrass essential oil, tea tree oil, lavender, cinnamon leaf oil, and more. Together, these ingredients kill microbes, reduce inflammation, and soothe itching caused by allergies or insect bites. They can also calm dry skin and fight skin aging.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil in a small vial and tea tree leaves

Tea tree oil (TTO) calms skin inflammation by regulating its immune response. Terpinen-4-ol, alpha-terpineol , and 1,8- cineole are the main components of TTO the skin can absorb. These components were tested on human forearm skin 10 and 20 minutes after histamine injection.

Terpinen-4-ol showed a significant reduction in the wheal and flare response and the erythema index. Meanwhile, 1-8 cineole can be a potent anesthetic that acts on sensory nerves. Alpha-terpineol can be used to reduce edema and to act as an anesthetic (Khalil et al, 2004).

Tea tree oil has activities against drug-resistant bacteria, inflammation, and itch. Terpinen-4-ol is mainly responsible for inhibiting the inflammatory mediator production, reducing the inflammatory response. It acts against the production of inflammatory mediators interleukin-1-beta, tumor necrosis factor alpha, and prostaglandin E2.

A study tested the activities of TTO and its components against S. aureus, P. acnes, and S. epidermidis was tested. The results have shown that TTO has dose-dependent inhibitory activities against the test microbes, the zone of inhibition increasing with the dose. It also showed that alpha-terpineol’s minimum inhibitory concentration is the lowest, followed by terpinen-4-ol, TTO, and alpha-pinene.

S. aureus can cause cellulitis, an infection of the skin characterized by redness, warmth, tenderness, and swelling of the affected area. Waters Mist is formulated to treat cellulitis, which can be caused by various factors. Skin damage and exposure to bacteria are known to cause cellulitis.

TTO can also inhibit the growth of Pasteurella mutocida, a bacterium that can cause cellulitis from animal bites.


A bottle of cinnamon essential oil and cinnamon

Cinnamon extracts have shown inhibitory properties against the oxidative process. Flavonoids from cinnamon also possess antioxidant properties.

Cinnamon essential oil also has consistent inhibitory properties against pathogens like S. aureus, B. subtilis, K. pneumoniae, P. vulgaris, P. aeruginosa, and E. coil. It has shown the widest zones of inhibition in an in vitro antibacterial assay of different essential oils.

Studies have also shown that cinnamon has anti-inflammatory activities. Its flavonoid compound cinnamaldehyde demonstrated activities against inflammation, suppressing COX-2, iNOS, and NF-κB in in vitro assays.


Lemongrass and lemongrass essential oil on a big leaf

Research also suggests that lemongrass essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties. A study tested various essential oils against P. multocida, and lemongrass had the best bacteriostatic activity. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties are because of citral, one of its active components.

Lemongrass essential oil also have antibacterial activities against S. aureus, B. subtilis, K. pneumoniae, P. vulgaris, and P. aeruginosa. It also has activities against some Candida species, Aspergillus species, Penicillium sp., and Mucor sp.

Soothing Juggernaut vs. Waters Mist: What’s the effect?

Soothing Juggernaut and Waters Mist

Despite of the similarities in properties, these products have distinct effects on itch.

We emphasized that Soothing Juggernaut is better for fungal infections due to its composition. As to its effect, it completely soothes and relieves fungal itch like athlete’s foot. Waters Mist, on the other hand, soothes athlete’s foot, but there’s still some tingling sensation after its application.

Meanwhile, we also gave emphasis on the antibacterial properties of Waters Mist. It completely relieves bacterial itch, while Soothing Juggernaut only gives partial effects.

The essential oil ingredients of these products have different permeation abilities. If the essential oil can reach a deeper layer of skin, then it can attack the source of itch better. Tea tree oil is an example of an essential oil that can permeate deeper into the skin (Orchard et al., 2018).

A quick note: These products contain Sodium borate. The government of Canada does not recommend the use of products containing Sodium borate on open wounds, cuts, or abrasions.

Learn more about Soothing Juggernaut using the table below.

 Waters MistSoothing Juggernaut
 Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia)Arnica (Arnica montana)Frankincense (Boswellia carteri)Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)
AntibacterialMild to Strong [1,2]Strong [25]Strong [42]Mild to Strong [53,54,55]Moderate [64]Moderate to Strong [77]
– AcneMild to Moderate [3]Strong [26]Strong [42]Mild to Strong [53,54,55]Moderate [65]Moderate [42]
– CellulitisMild to Strong [1,2,4]Strong [42]Moderate to Strong [42]
– ItchMild to Strong [1,2,3]Strong [42]Mild to Strong [53,54,55]Moderate [64]
– Skin infectionsMild to Strong [1,2,3]Mild to Strong [27]Strong [42]Mild to Strong [53,54,55]ModerateStrong [78]
Anti-inflammatoryStrong [5]Strong [28]Moderate to Strong [43]Strong [56]Strong [65]Strong [79]
   – AcneMild to Moderate [3]Strong [26]Strong [42]Strong [65]Moderate to Strong [42]
   – SwellingStrong [5]Strong [28]Strong [118]Strong [56]Strong [65]Strong [79]
AntifungalStrong [5,6]Mild to Strong [29]Moderate to Strong [44]Mild to Moderate [55]Moderate to Strong [42]Moderate [80]
   – Athlete’s foot (Foot itch)Strong [7,8]Strong [29]Moderate to Strong [45]Moderate to Strong [42]Strong [81,82]
   – ItchStrong [9,10]Moderate to Strong [42]Moderate to Strong [42]Moderate [81]
AntimicrobialMild to Strong [1,2]Strong [30,25,31]Strong [42]Mild to Moderate [53,57,58]Moderate to Strong [64, 42]Strong [83,84]
Antioxidant (fights skin damage and aging)Strong [11,2]Strong [32,33,25]Moderate to Strong [46]Strong [59]Mild to Strong [66]Strong [80]
AntiparasiticStrong [12,13]Mild to Moderate [34]Strong [47]Mild to Strong [67,68]Strong [80]
Antispasmodic (relieves muscle spasms)Strong [14]Mild to Moderate [35]Moderate to Strong [57]Moderate to Strong [69,70]Strong – Muscle spasms – Menstrual cramps – Restless leg syndrome
Insecticidal (Kills insects)Strong [15]Strong [36]Strong [48]Mild to Moderate [60]Strong [71]Strong [80]
Moisturizing (for dry and/or cracked skin)Moderate to Strong [16]Moderate to Strong [49]Strong [72]Moderate to Strong [85]
Reduces bruisingModerate to Strong [17]StrongStrong [50]Moderate to Strong [61,62]Strong [73]Strong
Very Strong
Reduces celluliteStrong [18]– Moderate to Strong [42]
Reduces hyperpigmentationModerate to Strong [19]Mild to Moderate [37]Strong [51]Strong [63]Strong [74,65]Moderate [86]
Very Strong
Reduces or relieves painStrong [20]Strong [28,38]Strong [56]Strong [75]Moderate to Strong [87]    – Joint pain    – Arthritic pain    – Muscle pain
Repels InsectsStrong [21,22,23]Moderate to Strong [39,40]Strong [48]Strong [76]Strong [88]
Treats crampsStrong [57]Strong [89]
Heals woundsStrong [24]Strong [41]Moderate to Strong [52]Strong [56]Strong [65]Strong [42]
Table 1. Properties of the ingredients of CANhaveTODAY’s Waters Mist and Soothing Juggernaut salves.


What natural remedies can help soothe itching skin?

Natural remedies with anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe itching skin. These include essential oils, like lemongrass essential oil, frankincense essential oil, tea tree oil, and arnica essential oil.

What products can I use if I have itchy skin?

You can use CANhaveTODAY’s Waters Mist and/or Soothing Juggernaut salves to solve your itchy problem. If you suspect bacteria, insect bites, or irritation as the causative factor, consider using Waters Mist. If you suspect fungi or bee sting as the causative factor, try Soothing Juggernaut.

When should I consult my doctor for my itchy skin?

Consult your doctor if itching persists and does not improve with self-care measures or if it is accompanied by other symptoms like redness, swelling, and fever.

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