Antibacterial agents have saved us from many diseases and continue to save us today. They kill and stop the growth of bacteria so those who use them get cured of infections. Without antibacterials, bacterial illnesses might become worse and more widespread.

Because of the effectiveness of antibacterials, people use them indiscriminately to try to cure different illnesses and conditions without knowing the source of their illness. For example, many people use antibiotics to prevent or treat COVID-19 (1). They also use them for viral infections or seasonal illnesses where antibiotics are not effective.

This use without proper judgment leads to the development of resistance. This poses a serious threat to the world. What would happen if these medications don’t work anymore? If this is the case, infections will be more difficult to treat and might cause death (2).

An alternative to using conventional antibacterial medicine is to use natural ones. Here at CANhaveTODAY, we manufacture all-natural skin care products that possess different antibacterial agents. Prevent and fight bacterial skin infections and their manifestations using our products!


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