Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a chronic condition that causes itchy, dry, inflamed, and infection-prone skin. Scratching it leads to the appearance of rashes. The best way to treat it is with skin hydration and topical medications for inflammation.

Treatments for eczema focus on moisturizing with ointments that have limited preservatives and no fragrance (1). Antihistamines are also in use for the itch, though not recommended for daytime. These treatments often come with side effects like skin irritation (2) and drowsiness (3).

Alternative eczema medications with essential oils are a great way to get relief from eczema without worrying about these issues! When looking for these alternatives, keep in mind that they’re not the same in content and ingredients. For example, some products may only contain lavender oil while others, like CANhaveTODAY’s products, contain multiple essential oils.

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