Frankincense essential oil is a popular skincare ingredient and studies prove its activities in human skin cells. It comes from the resin of Boswellia trees, and it is traditionally used as medicine in countries like China and India. It is most popular in traditional medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent.

This essential oil is effective for acne, oily skin, and dry skin. Frankincense essential oil decreases inflammation in acne and fights off bacteria and fungi. It can also be used in combination with other drugs to increase transdermal permeation, according to a study.

Frankincense may also help wound healing, as a study suggests. It can improve healing wounds, prevent wound persistence, and reduce scar formation.

Aside from its benefits to the skin, frankincense also calms muscles and relieves muscle pain and pain due to inflammation. This anti-inflammatory property also has the potential to relieve rheumatic pain. In fact, a study gives evidence of the activities of frankincense and myrrh in suppressing the progression of arthritis.

These biological activities make frankincense essential oil an attractive ingredient for skin care products. Here at CANhaveTODAY, we have two products that contain this essential oil, namely Soothing Juggernaut and Healing Legends. These soothing salves also have many other essential oils and extracts that are beneficial to the skin!

To learn more about frankincense essential oil and these products, check out our blog and read our well-researched and scientifically-based articles.

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