Fungal infection

Fungal infections of the skin can cause a variety of symptoms and are caused by several different fungi. These fungi occur in various places like on the skin, in soil, water, or plants. Dermatophytes, a type of mold, contribute to most fungal skin infections (1). They cause dermatophytosis, also known as tinea infection, which harms the skin, hair, and nails (2).

One thing you should know about fungi is that they thrive in moist, warm environments. Areas like that in the body tend to get fungal infections, like the groin area and the feet. For example, an athlete’s foot occurs on feet that excessively sweat, wear closed footwear for a prolonged time, or are always in a hot and humid environment.

Tinea infections like athlete’s foot cause itchiness and dry, scaly skin with rashes. The symptoms are disruptive and very uncomfortable, and antifungals are the only solution. Conventional topical antifungals like azole drugs are useful (3), although they have side effects like gut problems, headaches, and dizziness. They may also cause skin rashes with pus in rare cases.

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