Hand Moisturizer

Hand moisturizer is an ideal product to keep. The hands are the hardest working part of your body, constantly in use and exposed to harsh conditions like chemicals, dirt, and warm and cold temperatures. Hand washing can also cause dry hands (1)! Dryness can cause cracks, which are entryways to pathogenic microbes and cause infections. That’s why you need to keep your hands hydrated after you wash them or when they’re feeling dry.

Moisturizers contain compounds that prevent water loss from the skin and act as a barrier. This barrier effect also serves as protection from bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. It also reduces skin roughness and dryness. Apart from that, a study suggests that using skin care preparations regularly can help to reduce clinical symptoms of contact dermatitis (2). Hand moisturizers reduced the risk of dermatitis in nurses, as a study proves (3).

What’s great is that CANhaveTODAY has the Sparkling Rain moisturizer that we made purely from natural sources. We are confident of its quality as a hand moisturizer as its ingredients include Chaga mushroom extract, ylang-ylang oil, and grapefruit oil. Sparkling Rain moisturizes the skin, protects it from microbes, reduces inflammation, fights skin aging, and relaxes the mind and body. Read more about Sparkling Rain in our blog to find out what it offers you.

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