Fight fungal skin infections like athlete’s foot and fungal acne with Soothing Juggernaut! CANhaveTODAY combines the properties of cypress, frankincense, arnica essential oils, and several other natural ingredients to nourish the skin while protecting it.

Soothing Juggernaut is specifically formulated to assist in:

  • Muscle aches
  • Fungal itch
  • Insect bites and bee stings
  • Cellulitis
  • Welts
  • Poison ivy rash
  • Inflammation
  • Warts

The formulation of Soothing Juggernaut is based on extensive scientific research. Each ingredient in this product is backed by studies that prove their benefits to the skin and muscles.

Cypress essential oil is helpful in preventing and treating skin infections caused by bacteria and fungi. It also protects the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays, repairing and helping delay skin aging. This essential oil is also an effective anti-parasitic, bringing down bug bite swells. Cypress is also known for having powerful antispasmodic effects for the muscles and effective painkiller which you can read more about HERE.

Frankincense essential oil is a strong anti-inflammatory that can help with swelling and pain. It also has potent antimicrobial, antioxidant, and insecticidal properties that can help protect your skin from environmental factors. Moreover, it helps accelerate bruise healing, moisturize the skin and reduces dark spots to even your skin tone, keeping your skin looking its best! It also benefits the muscle by preventing spasms and the pain that is caused bu muscle spasms.

Arnica essential oil is a potent pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Powerful in relieving muscle pain, wound pain, joint pain, swelling, bruises, cramps, and sprains. Arnica is commonly known for its pain reliving attributes and used post surgery for pain management. Arnica joins with this trio to deliver effective soothing relief for not just sore muscles, but also giving relief to arthritis

We recommend spot-checking for sensitive areas of skin prior to full application. Individual results may vary. See our Safety Page.

Weight 113 g

2 reviews for Soothing Juggernaut

  1. George Willeboordse

    I am not a doctor, so I am unsure what went on with my knees. But the physio and chiro folks mentioned that nothing was wrong on a skeletal level, but the issue instead was soft tissue related. I could barely walk; my watch “step counter” had me pegged at 250 steps or less a day with a cane. Laser treatments were a temporary relief and seemed to help for a day at most. My wife had some Juggernaut lying around, so I reached for it and applied it to my knees in the morning. By the end of the day, I felt more robust, and a week later, I could walk with a cane for about 1500 steps. A month later, I was walking normally. I now use my cane if I have a heavy walk day that exceeds 3500 steps. Usually, the next day I am fine again. In other words it seems to get better and better progressively. Laser treatments, for me, gave little results whereas. The Juggernaut cream, on the other hand, seemed to provide me with a more noticeable improvement.

  2. Chris

    This was a message received from a trucker who uses Soothing Juggernaut:
    “Was having dull pain in shoulder every day of work. That is until I tried Soothing Juggernaut. Now no more pain as I repeatedly shift gears and tie down loads. A+” Christ.
    “Thank you Colin for showing me these products. Trucker to Trucker, you understand the things we endure throughout our careers. Glad to have someone looking out for us.”

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      Is juggernaut good for Athletes foot
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      Q Is juggernaut good for Athletes foot answer now
      Asked by Anonymous user
      Answered by the admin Yes Soothing Juggernaut was formulated specifically to combat Fungus. Cypress, Frankincense, Arnica, Tea Tree are all amazing anti fungal essential oils.

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