What cream is good for assisting healing of damaged skin?

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Our Imagine line of skin care creams would not be complete without addressing the question of “what cream is good for assisting healing of damaged skin? We all get skin damage—that’s life! With a growing dominance of drug resistant bacteria the medical field is in search of natural remedies to assist with issues such as skin damage. This CANhaveTODAY product has no claim to being medication however, our 100% natural ingredients packs the wild punch of natures antibacterial strength while gently soothing, assisting your bodies natural repairing capabilities smoothing out scar tissue, offering assistance combating infection & repair. We developed our Healing Legends Salve which has essential oils of Myrrh, Frankincense, Bergamot, Lavender & Tea Tree oils:

What are the health benefits of Myrrh essential oil?

Myrrh Essential Oil Vial and Myrrh Resin

Myrrh essential oil is a well known legend in the healing area. Many studies have been done on this essential oil proving the effective strengths of healing damaged skin along with easing the effects of scars.

Myrrh has been shown to be effective in easing pain, due to its sesquiterpene content (a class of natural hydrocarbons produced predominantly by plants, particularly conifers, which are a division of vascular land plants). These compounds interact with brain opioid mechanisms, which help to manage pain. This essential oil also possess anticancer properties with studies showing C. myrrha oil having UV protection attributes.

MEO has amazing Anti-inflammatory attributes as this study shows. Not only does myrrh help reduce swelling and promote healing, but also has significant pain reduction properties.

What are the benefits of Frankincense in skin care?

Bottle of Frankincense essential oil with frankincense resin

Frankincense is a very well-known essential oil for the skin. Interestingly, studies have shown that combining Frankincense & Myrrh changes the chemistry of the oils, giving a synergistic effect!

Is frankincense good for healing? The study titled “Biological activities of frankincense essential oil in human dermal fibroblasts [a type of cell found in connective tissue]” concludes that this essential oil would likely improve healing. Combining myrrh & frankincense allows a synergistic effect to take place targeting inflammation of the skin along with antibacterial & analgesic (relief of pain) effects! This is a fascinating attribute of Healing Legends.

Studies further show that frankincense essential oil possesses anticancer activities. Drug resistance sets back advancement in treatments, so scientists are exploring natural therapeutic research at a quickening pace. This study “…confirms that capability…[of Frankincense Essential Oil]… in the obstruction of the cell progression in head and neck cancer cell line.”

The synergistic effect of frankincense & myrrh is profound. Frankincense is used in the treatment of inflammatory conditions of joints and bones as traditional medicine in the middle east. Combined with myrrh reaps the harmonious benefit of these 2 Legends.

What are the benefits of Bergamot essential oil?


Bergamot Essential Oil is becoming a very popular oil as the scent is pleasant with many benefits. I found this study to be very interesting with lots of helpful information. I will unpack it in future articles. Give it a look over for more information.

This study titled “Investigation of anti-inflammatory activity of Bergamot Oil” is interesting as well! It confirms Bergamot to have effective anti-inflammatory use. The study highlights the strong anti-inflammatory components making up Bergamot oil (BO) are in fact components of the Volatile Fraction in the oil. Meaning, those components vaporize the quickest at a given temperature.

Studies have tested & shown positive effects against Candida (yeast like fungi residing on the skin) “….[which] can cause a variety of infections.” Further studies have shown bergamot EO not only diminish common acne but may improve acne lesions by alleviating inflammatory response.

Is Lavender essential oil good for Skin Care?

Lavender Essential Oil vials and lavender

Can I apply essential oils to my skin directly? It’s not recommended to do so without a carrier oil, as it may not be safe. All CANhaveTODAY products are infused with high quality essential oils which are mixed into other ingredients that will nourish and revive your skin while delivering the full benefits of the essential oil safely to your skin.

An interesting study of Lavender Essential Oil (LEO) shows that lesions topically treated with LEO promoted the number of fibroblasts. A fibroblast is a type of cell that is found in connective tissue that produces collagen. The study observes: “This suggests that treatment with Lavender oil results in promotion of tissue remodeling by rapid replacement of type 3 collagen.” Studies have also confirmed Lavender having antibacterial properties against gram-positive & gram-negative bacteria. These findings indicate Lavender essential oil has many good qualities for skin care.

Tea Tree Essential Oil for Skin Care

Tea Tree Essential Oil

There are numerous studies on the benefits of Tea Tree oil. Melaleuca essential oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial activities. Tea Tree oil also has effective anti-inflammatory properties. This, combined with the above mentioned attributes, effectively aid in the healing processes.

In a study on the effects of TTO and skin inflammation, Tea Tree Essential Oil significantly reduced the swelling of fluid caused by histamine – a skin irritant caused by an allergic reaction. The study explained that the water-soluble components of TTO can suppress the body’s natural messengers which promote inflammation. These components activate “Monocytes”, which is a type of large white blood cell.

Consequence of the above means: when the histamine-induced inflammation of skin became visually clear via puffy reddening of the skin with what appears to be a round bulging area generally followed by itch, their laboratory has shown Tea Tree oil to suppress the body’s natural inflammation response which causes blood flow & gas exchange in tissue beds that cause itch, calming red puffiness and irritation.

PropertiesMyrrhBergamotFrankincenseLavenderTea Tree
AntibacterialMild to Strong [1]Mild to Strong [6]Moderate [17]Strong [21]Strong [18]
– AcneModerate [1]ModerateModerate to Strong [18]Strong [18]
– CellulitisStrong
– ItchStrong [2]Strong [7]ModerateStrong
– Skin infectionsStrong [1]Mild to Strong [8]ModerateMild to Strong [18]Strong [18]
AntifungalModerate to Strong [3]Mild to Strong [9]Moderate to Strong [18]Mild to Moderate [22,18]Moderate to Strong [27]
– Athlete’s footModerate [1]Moderate [10]Moderate to Strong [18]Mild [18]Moderate to Strong [28]
– ItchModerate to Strong [18]Mild [18]Moderate to Strong [18]
Anti-inflammatoryStrong [4]Strong [11]Strong [19]Strong [23]Moderate to Strong [29]
– AcneModerate [12]Strong [19]Moderate to Strong [24]Strong [18]
– SwellingStrong [4]Mild to Strong [11]Strong [19]Strong [24]
– PainStrong [4]Strong [13]StrongStrong [24]
AntioxidantMild to Strong [1]Strong [14]Mild to StrongModerate to Strong [25]Moderate to Strong [30]
Reducing scar formationStrong [20]Strong [26]
Heals woundsStrong [5]Moderate to Strong [15,16]Strong [20]Strong [26]Moderate to Strong [29]
Table 1: Summary of biological activities of myrrh, bergamot, frankincense, lavender, and tea tree in humans.

Healing Legends

Healing Legends New Product Photo

Our exclusive Healing Legends has amazing essential oil attributes to assist in the body’s healing process. Keeping your skin healthy, vibrant with an even healthy tone offsetting the appearance of scarring. These oils also have pain management abilities which will help ease the sting of skin damage while calming inflammation of the skin smoothing out swelling which cause tender areas.

A quick note: This product contains Sodium borate. The government of Canada does not recommend the use of products containing Sodium borate on open wounds, cuts, or abrasions.


What essential oils are good for assisting healing of damaged skin?

The essential oils from frankincense, myrrh, bergamot, lavender, and tea tree are useful in helping damaged skin heal. Several scientific research studies show their skin healing capabilities.

What is Healing Legends for?

Healing Legends is a salve by CANhaveTODAY that can assist the skin in many different ways, like ski healing, prevention of infections, combating skin aging, and soothing injuries.

How does Healing Legends assist in healing damaged skin?

Healing Legends assists healing damaged skin by letting its component natural ingredients like myrrh, bergamot, and frankincense essential oils do the work. These essential oils are great in fighting infection, reducing inflammation, and helping skin regenerate.

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